ECM Tuners

ECM Tuners

ECM Tuners

Some 5,000 diesel engines are tuned each year, a process that allows drivers to better

control their engine’s fuel management and help achieve more overall power, faster

response times and improved fuel economy. Making your diesel engine run more

efficiently today will certainly improve its return on investment in the long run. Our ECM

tuners offer features such as gauge and diagnostic analysis, as well as a “smart” feature

to help your diesel engine run more efficiently and cleaner – all designed to help tune

your engine to the max. Our ECM tuners can perform heavy duty diesel tuning, economy

tuning, economy/performance combination tuning and custom tuning. Economy tuning

has demonstrated a fuel savings of up to 12%, while economy/performance combination

tuning has demonstrated fuel savings along with a performance enhancement of about

20% by working to increase horsepower and torque.

Installation is quick and simple. Our ECM tuners are typically installed in five minutes or

less, and no tools are required. In addition, our tuners offer users an easy-to-understand

interface to monitor multiple parameters, display program warnings, view trouble codes

and adjust factors like speed limits. With our ECM tuners, you can perform convenient

timesaving vehicle diagnostics right from the roadside. ECM tuning doesn’t do any harm

to your diesel engine’s emissions or engine life, so it’s a no-risk, high-reward process.

There is nothing to lose! For more information on our ECM tuners and to learn more

about ECM tuning, contact us today.