EGR – DPF – AD BLUE removal is a type of service that consists in deactivating the diesel particulate filter regeneration system and the exhaust gas recirculation valve as well as eliminating the need to fill the UREA tank for selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

At Diesel Spec, we work on this type of alteration to help our clients get rid of problems in countries with poor diesel quality.

This is great news for our distributors in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America that have to deal with a high amount of water in their diesel, causing challenges with the particulate filter, EGR valve and SCR system. These challenges can significantly reduce the life of engines and lead to heavy costs because the engines must undergo regular maintenance.

By removing the DPF, the SCR system and the EGR valve, these problems could be avoided and solved!

Here are some of the results you could achieve:

• Up to 20% in power increase

• Up to 30% in torque increase

• 5 to 25% in fuel economy

• More effective engine for longer engine life

• Less faulty components for less downtime