Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

For a trucking company to survive in a world with rising fuel prices, fuel economy is a crucial matter.

Not only do Diesel Spec’s tuning services improve engine performance, they also reduce the costs related to fuel consumption significantly.

As North American leaders in tuning services for fuel economy, we can help! Many people have tried to copy what we do but no one could match us. Some tuning companies claim they have a version of our tuning software, but ours is unique: you will never get better results than with Diesel Spec. Our exclusive tuning software is the product of many years of research and development; it is the only one to produce exceptional, unmatched results.

What is tuning?

Tuning is a process that does not require changing parts: it is about recalibrating the program used to control the fuel delivery system (original ECM program). This results in a more powerful engine, enhanced acceleration and less fuel consumed. Our team of experts carefully performs this tuning work in a way that will not reduce the life of your engine and will have no adverse impact on emissions. Ultimately even, the cost of maintaining your diesel engine will be reduced as it will be cleaner.

Diesel Spec can help you reduce fuel consumption by 5 to 25%. To get a better idea of your potential savings: by saving one mile per gallon for a truck that travels 200,000 km per year, you could save close to $12,000 per year. Now apply that to a fleet of trucks: you’ll see your savings multiply!

Our tuning work complies with North American emission opacity norms in effect. The Canadian government has allowed Diesel Spec to carry out opacity testing using authorized devices.