Faster performance, safely

Is your diesel engine missing horsepower and torque? We can help thanks to our Performance tuning services that will bring you up to 30% more power without ever having to change an engine part.

Our 100% customizable Performance tunings are programmed by seasoned technical engineers. Each tuning we do is carefully tailored to your specific needs, changes and requirements unlike other, more generic tunings applied equally to all. Our tunings have been perfected through hours of research and development and are entirely customized based on the needs and demands of each client. Furthermore, we also focus on intermediate coolers, injectors, bigger turbo engines, changes to the supercharger and more.

The Diesel Spec touch will bring 30% more power to your diesel engine. Also, in three-quarter of the cases, our Performance tuning will also result in lower fuel consumption and lower engine maintenance costs, since the engine will have improved combustion and cleaner fuel.

Most of our Performance tuning work complies with North American emission opacity norms in effect. Opacity tests can be carried out at Diesel Spec using Canadian government authorized devices.