When was the last time you had to replace your Detroit DD Series OEM exhaust manifold and turbo? Does your DD15/16 suffer from low-end power loss?  Have you noticed your fuel consumption increasing? Chances are your OEM exhaust manifold may not be the best fit for your Detroit engine.  It’s common knowledge that the exhaust manifold on the Detroit DD15/16 is prone to cracking, leaking and/ or warping. This issue makes your engine less efficient and can also cause additional damage to the engine and decrease engine longevity.

Introducing the Big Rig Power Non-EGR/APT REMOVED DD15/16 Exhaust Manifold:

Detroit DD15/16 Exhaust Manifold - Assembled
Detroit DD15/16 Exhaust Manifold - Left Side
Available for 2010-2017 Detroit DD Series Engines (DD15/DD16).
Detroit DD15/16 Exhaust Manifold - Disassembled

In addition to increasing the material’s thickness, our DD15 exhaust manifold is cast in a proprietary blend of Inconel™ and Iron to make it stronger and more durable than its OEM counterpart.  The manifold’s interior surfaces have been deburred and coated with a ceramic finish to further increase airflow and decrease EGT’s (exhaust gas temperature) issues.


Two friction fit ends replace the exhaust bellows on the OEM product, allowing minute adjustments when mounting to the engine. We’ve also added a larger T-6 Flange to accommodate a broader range of aftermarket turbos.

OEM DD15 Manifold Testing on Flow Bench
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OEM DD15 Exhaust Manifold

  • 106% Increase in Flow over OEM

  • 76% Decrease in Restriction over OEM

BRP DD15 Manifold Testing on Flow Bench
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BRP DD15 Exhaust Manifold

 Replaces OEM Part Numbers: A4721420901 (Middle Section x 1) and A4721401914 (End Section x 2).

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