Heavy Duty Truck Repair in Edmonton, AB | Big Rig Power
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The key to top performance and economy goes well beyond the diesel engine that powers your big rig. Every highly-engineered component of your truck has to be in top shape to take full advantage of a performance-tuned engine up front. Each rolling part must move easily and in perfect sync with every other part of a complex system.


At Big Rig Power, we bring the same attention to detail that we apply to a tune or a conversion to making sure that all of the horsepower we give you gets to the road. Our licensed, bonded and highly skilled mechanics use the newest mechanical and diagnostic equipment; working in 10 bays and 25,000 square foot of clean and efficient space to ensure that nothing is overlooked.


When your truck is down, we offer an extensive list of in-house services to get you back on the road. Our industry trained and certified heavy duty mechanics will offer you the best suggestions for your budget.


We offer but are not limited to:

  • Complete Brake Jobs including Air Brakes
  • Suspension Services
  • Transmission Repair and Replacement
  • Engine Repair and/or Replacement
  • Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair
  • All DOT required Services and Repairs


Complete Brake Service  – Big Rig Power will repair or replace any or all of your brake system after a thorough inspection of all components – drums, pads, mounting hardware and brake chambers. We make necessary replacements using genuine OEM parts or quality name brand aftermarket parts at discounted pricing.


Complete Suspension Services  Big Rig Power will repair or replace any components of your suspension system that require servicing. This includes kingpins, tie rods, drag links and steer shaft u joints. We use genuine OEM parts or quality brand name aftermarket parts at a discounted rate.


Transmission Repair and Replacement We will diagnose, repair or replace main components such as gears, synchros, and bearings in your transmission. 


Engine Repair and Replacement – We offer extensive engine overhaul procedures. Our diagnostic technicians specialize in in-frame or out-of-frame engine overhauls with shop rates less than industry dealerships.


Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair – We can diagnose, repair and service all electrical components from the battery to starter to ECM and everything in between.

At Big Rig Power we are here to keep your vehicle running and smoothly and efficiently as possible. Book by calling us or submitting a request for service form.


For a full list of services, check out the Services & Maintenance menu located in the sidebar.

Talk to a Customer Service Agent Today 780-757-5990