Custom Exhaust Modifications for Your Vehicle | Big Rig Power
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When stock and bulk fabrication kits aren’t enough Big Rig Power and our team of licensed mechanics are here for your custom exhaust modification needs.  With experience fabricating applications from complete straight piping to muffler and stack relocation, we can accommodate a wide range of chassis options.


As with most custom builds, OEM hardware and fittings are often not sufficient for the task.  To address this, we’ve invested in a Pro Table plasma cnc from Tracker CNC which we use to fabricate custom components like brackets and plates right in the shop.  This allows us greater flexibility and reduces downtime getting your vehicle operational again sooner.


  • Plasma CNC Sparks

    Look at those sparks fly! Our 4×8 ProTable CNC from Tracker CNC turning a sheet of steel into bits for various projects!

  • Austin Welding

    Austin, one of our Red Seal Mechanics, is a renaissance man when it comes to welding and electrical.


Our licensed mechanics are also accomplished, welders. For our custom exhaust modification builds, we prefer to TIG weld our custom piping. We do this for two reasons: First, a capable welder can utilize TIG welding to create smaller and cleaner beads. Second, due to the nature of this type of welding, the HAZ (heat affected zone) is smaller, allowing the joint to withstand more stress before possible failure occurs in the surrounding material.


At Big Rig Power we are here to keep your vehicle running and smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Book by calling us or submitting a request for service form. For a full list of services, we offer, check out our heavy-duty truck services.

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