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Did you know that Big Rig Power is a certified Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station for the Province of Alberta?  Well, we are!  Alberta Transportation relies on licenced inspection stations to ensure that inspections are done in accordance with the Province’s regulations and good trade practices. We take each inspection seriously.  Our certified technicians go through each inspection in great detail to ensure that all vehicles leaving our shop with a CVIP sticker meet or exceed regulations.


  • What are the types of vehicles that are eligible for a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificate and Decal?

    Vehicles that are eligible for a vehicle inspection certificate and decal include:


    • a truck, tractor or trailer or a combination of these vehicles that have a GVW of 11794 kg or more
    • a converter dolly
    • a bus that has a designed seating capacity of 11 or more passengers including the driver
  • If a vehicle is brought back to your facility for re-inspection within 10 days of a failed inspection, must it be inspected by the same technician who performed the original inspection?


  • If a vehicle is re-inspected within 10 days of a failed inspection, must a Vehicle Inspection Certificate be issued if the items that failed the last inspection passed the re-inspection?

    Under normal circumstances, yes. In a re-inspection, only those items that failed the inspection and listed on the Record of Inspection are needed to be inspected. However, if a technician is not satisfied that the vehicle is safe for highway use, even though the items that failed the last inspection have been corrected, a Vehicle Inspection certificate may not be issued. Alberta Transportation will be contacted for further direction.

  • How long does it take to conduct each type of inspection?

    Each inspection varies depending on the vehicle. However, it should generally take the following timeframes (approximately):


    • commercial inspection – up to 4 hours
    • salvage inspection – up to 4 hours
    • out-of-province – up to 2 hours


    If a technician completes an inspection and signs a vehicle inspection certificate sooner than is generally expected, the facility operator should double check the work and make sure the inspection was properly conducted according to the Technician and Facility Operating Manuals.

  • What are the circumstances under which an inspection certificate may be revoked by Alberta Transportation?

    Alberta Transportation will revoke a certificate for one of the following reasons:


    • the issuing facility was not licensed to inspect the type of vehicle
    • the issuing technician was not licensed to inspect the type of vehicle
    • the date of the inspection on the certificate is different than the actual date of the inspection
    • the technician signed the certificate prior to completing the inspection
    • the certificate issued was reported missing, destroyed, or otherwise invalid
    • the certificate issued was originally sold to another inspection facility
    • the certificate was issued for which the inspection was not conducted in accordance with the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (A/R 211/2006), the Facility Manual, or the Technician Manual
    • the certificate was otherwise issued under fraudulent or false pretenses

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