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Big Rig Power develops, sells and installs advanced and proven products that bring new levels of economy and performance to heavy-duty diesel vehicles and equipment.


You can expect fuel savings of 7 – 12% along with better reliability and increased horsepower. With our state-of-the-art custom programming, Big Rig Power brings our extensive trucking background to a hands-on, heads-up commitment to your bottom line.


Your newer diesel engine is complicated and requires the knowledge and technology to analyze your engine’s problem and then fine-tune it. By upgrading the Engine Control Module (ECM) software program that controls your diesel engine’s fuel management system, you will see results of increased power, greater response and lower fuel consumption. Fine-tuning an ECM without replacing parts, gives you a cleaner engine by giving you better combustion resulting in reduced maintenance costs.


Tuning is done directly from our head office. We have the engineers and technicians on hand to get you back on the road right away. We can tune your ECM remotely or you can ship your ECM to us.


Our tuning experts are just a phone call away with all the help you need to quickly and easily download your custom tune. Whatever and wherever the job, you’ll always have what you need to keep your truck running including advice from our tuning experts if required.


We will re-tune and tweak tunes for ninety days after the original tune date.*


*Standard Labor and Parts are at your expense

Remote Custom Tuning for Power and Performance

Fuel Economy Tuning

Consistently helps drivers achieve mileage gains from 6-12% or more.

Power & Performance

Our Engineers can custom tune your ECM to give you both Fuel Economy Tuning + Power Upgrade Tuning

Power Upgrade Tuning

Improves fuel economy while safely increasing the horsepower and torque of your truck. Dyno tests show performance increases 10%-15% while drivers report saving time and money by pulling heavier loads without downshifting.



  • Do Not Flash or Update Tuned Components.
  • Laws vary. Check Local, State, and Federal Legislation before purchasing.



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